Tuesday 19th October 2021

Ezoic Free Wordpress Hosting Intermittent Slow Responses and Origin Errors

We are investigating reports of intermittent slow response times and origin errors for sites on our Wordpress hosting.

[19/10/2021 12:10] - Engineers have identified a bottleneck in the underlying infrastructure and implemented a fix; we are monitoring performance at this time.

[19/10/2021 13:07] - We are continuing to monitor performance at this time. Currently improvements can be seen, but overall performance is still degraded. The affected processes are taking some time to catch up and return to normal.

[19/10/2021 15:00] - We are continuing to monitor. Symptoms have improved, but issue is not fully resolved yet.

[19/10/2021 16:05] - All issues are fully resolved, and services should be operating at normal performance and capacity.